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4-Blades Cartridge with Anti-Clogging technology, has wide gap between the blades allowing an incredible smooth shave without clogging. A comfort guard and moisturizing band makes shaving a smoother


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Sidharth Oberoi

Quality    5/5

Value       5/5

The Best I've Ever Used

Have used it twice...the six blade technology is seriously superb... seems like Ninja blades... single stroke will give you 85-95% clean shave depends on the hardness of your beard.

I recommend this product.


Quality    5/5

Value       5/5

Good work

Just like dollars shaving club the blade are same and f***** awesome! The price is comparatively low! All in all great bang for buck! Good job guys! I hope you guys bring more products!

I recommend this product.

Quality    /5

Value       /5

I recommend this product.

4-Sharp blades cartridge with anti-clogging technology glides across skin to deliver a close, comfortable shave. Hairs do not clog the razor blades. Moisturizing band enriched with Chamomile, Lavender oil & Vitamin E allows blades to glide easily over skin and protects against razor burns.

  1. Prep your skin using facewash or gentle exfoliator.

  2. Apply Dr. Barber's Shave Foam onto the area you want to shave.

  3. Now shave. Preferably with a fresh Pace 4 blade. Be sure to rinse with water between strokes. Do not apply pressure. If a closer is shave is desired, lather up again and shave against the grain.

  4. Rinse, pat dry and swipe After-Shave Wipes. Enjoy your calm and soothing face!ing the blades to rinse easily. The lubricating strip helps razor blade to glide across your skin effortlessly.