Eye Brow Razor

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It is beautifully designed to remove unwanted hair growth on the face or even bikini line. Absolutely Painless & Easy!


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Quality    4 /5

Value       4/5


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Quality    5/5

Value       5/5

Amazing results

All girls say by to parlour lady..! I use it for eyebrows, upper lip and chin. Amazing results

I recommend this product.

Quality    4/5

Value       4/5

Wonderful multi-use Razor

This razor is wonderful. It is multi-use and leaves no cuts,no bumps and completely painless. It removes hair easily and doesn't require any lather for it to work. However, this is not recommended to use on eyebrows, as generally people are not able to shave their own eyebrows and give it a perfect desired shape. If you are confident with shaping your eyebrows correctly, then it is a plus point! Apart from this, this product is very useful and is a complete money saver from those trips to beauty parlour! A must buy!😊

I recommend this product.

Quality    /5

Value       /5

I recommend this product.

The perfect tool for removing any facial hair (eyebrows, upper lip, and/or immaculate bikini line). Our Facial razor with stainless steel blade and high-quality rubber-matt textured handle comfortably trim unwanted hair with exacting precision. It has a ridged safety guard that protects delicate skin and prolongs blade life.

*Warning: Blade is extremely sharp. Keep out of reach of children. Not recommended for persons under the age of 16. Replace safety cover when not in use.

  1. Remove the razor cap and gently slide it around your eyebrows from where you want to remove the unwanted hairs. Use light strokes as if you're just touching the skin.

  2. Go from the Top to the bottom in the center of the eyebrows. Go in the direction opposite of the hair growth on the sides of the eyebrows. To remove the peach fuss just go from the top to the bottom.

  3. It is equally comfortable for the bikini line. It removes hair painlessly for a smooth bikini area.