Soft Touch 4 Premium Gift Set

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This is a perfect gift for a woman who wants incredibly smooth skin!

What’s in the box?

Razor + Pack of 8 Blades + Shave Foam + After Shave Wipes
+ Free Travel Bag


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Soft Touch 4 Premium Gift Set

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Soft touch 4 Gift Set with Free Travel Bag: Soft Touch 4 razor offers a long lasting, comfortable shave that comes with 8 refill cartridges. The set also includes Dr. Barber's Shave foam (200 gms) and After-Shave Wipes (30 wipes). It's a thoughtful gift curated by

  1. Before you begin shaving hop into the hot shower. Hydrating your hair with warm water makes it easier to shave.

  2. Apply a thin layer of Dr. Barber's Shave foam. It is enriched with coconut oil that nourishes your skin while you shave.

  3. Then take Soft touch 4 razor, lightly press & start shaving down from your ankles up to your knees. Head pivots and adjusts to your curves on the knees and ankles. It keeps the razor cartridge flat to your skin so you don't miss hairs that way. Wash your blades under running water in between your shave.

  4. When you are done shaving use rich moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and smooth.

  5. When you feel the blades begin to dull, replace them with the new one. When you are done shaving, always rinse your razor and store it with the blades facing up allowing the razor to dry and be ready for the next shave!

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