Pace 4 (For Hard & Thick Hair)
4 Sharp Blade Razor

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4-Blades Razor with Anti-Clogging technology has wide gap between the blades, pivot head, a comfort guard and an enhanced moisturizing band allows an incredible smooth shave.

What’s in the box?

FREE(Razor handle + Stand + Shave Foam-200gm) + Pack of 4 Blades



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Rating & Reviews

Quality    4 /5

Value       4/5


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Ad Blore

Quality    4/5

Value       4/5

Awesome blade

Maybe it's too early to put a review. But I had been using Mach 3 for years followed by Fusion. Now, I just wanted to try this razor due to their awesome marketing on Facebook Advert :). So, I got their trial pack and I've been using it for the past 4 days now. The cut is clean and neat. The cutting experience is not as good as Fusion which I think is twice its price, but the result is very clean shave as good as razors from Gillete which are much more expensive than this Pace 4.

I recommend this product.

Quality    /5

Value       /5

I recommend this product.

4-Sharp blades with anti-clogging technology glide across skin to deliver a close, comfortable shave. Hairs do not clog the razor blades. Moisturizing band enriched with Chamomile, Lavender oil & Vitamin E allows blades to glide easily over skin and protects against razor burns.

The Pace 4 handle is designed with a matte exterior, rubber-texturized grip pattern and weighted core for maximum grip and control while you shave. Fits with any Pace razor blade refills except Pace 2.

  1. Prep your skin using facewash or gentle exfoliator.

  2. Apply Dr. Barber's Shave Foam onto the area you want to shave.

  3. Now shave. Preferably with a fresh Pace 4 blade. Be sure to rinse with water between strokes. Do not apply pressure. If a closer is shave is desired, lather up again and shave against the grain.

  4. Rinse, pat dry and swipe After-Shave Wipes. Enjoy your calm and soothing face!ing the blades to rinse easily. The lubricating strip helps razor blade to glide across your skin effortlessly.

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