Pace 2 (For Fine Hair)
2 Sharp Blade Razor

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2-Blades Razor with pivoting head and moisturizing band allow twin blades to glide easily over skin and gives you the most comfortable shave.

One Razor Fits all Technology is not Compatible with Pace 2. Pace 2 blades will only Fit Pace 2 Handle.


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Rating & Reviews

Quality    4 /5

Value       5/5


would recommend
Pace 2 to a friend

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mohan lal Jat

Quality    5/5

Value       5/5


Very nice ji

I recommend this product.

Quality    5/5

Value       5/5

received the package today

I ordered the basic package to see what the hype was about. The packing was basic, but nice. Lot of cardboard. I like that the company is keeping costs low. I've not shaved with the blade yet, but the razor handle doesn't look as nice as it does in the pictures here. It's still a pretty good deal for 400 bucks. Hope it all shaves better than it looks. I'll leave another review once I am done.

I recommend this product.

Quality    /5

Value       /5

I recommend this product.

Twin blades glide across skin to deliver a close, comfortable shave. Moisturising band enriched with Chamomile allows blades to glide easily over skin and protects against razor burns.

The Pace 2 handle is designed with a rubberized matte exterior and texturized grip pattern for maximum grip and control while you shave.

  1. Prep your skin using facewash or gentle exfoliator.

  2. Apply Shave Foam onto the area you want to shave.

  3. Now preferably shave with a fresh Pace 2 blade. Be sure to rinse with water between strokes. Do not apply pressure. If a closer shave is desired, lather up again and shave against the grain.

  4. Rinse, pat dry and swipe After-Shave Wipes. Enjoy your calm and soothing face!