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out of desire to offer high quality razors at fair price. Giving our customers high quality products at great value prices and above all, satisfaction, is the key to our continued success.


Quality razor blades are really hard to make. But we have created a history by making World's first 6-Blade razor with trimmer Pace 6 Plus and Place XL Pro. To further spur the market we introduced World's first 6-Blade Body Razor for women. We design and manufacture our own products with only the finest materials. By selling directly to you online, we are able to shave off the excess prices and offer a luxurious shave to every Indian

We partnered with one of the talented pioneers of razor industry, Dorco. Dorco has been manufacturing world's finest blades since 1955. Today, we are helping over 100 million people enjoy the comfortable shave and look their best in more than 130 countries around the world.

Sidharth Oberoi

People in India never had a choice. Either they had overpriced-razors in monopolized market or cheap razors which cut their faces. We are here to fill in the gap and excited to see LetsShave.com expand from Razor Blades to one stop grooming solution for both men and women.


to make you Feel Good; Stay Sharp!

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Korea - Yongin Factory
Mexico - Dorco De Mexico, S.A.DV.C.V.
Vietnam - Dorco Vina co.,Ltd.
letsshave-shaving kit
letsshave-shaving kitletsshave-shaving kit